Please express your feelings to the world about the dreadful new #coronavirus and the situation it is responsible for. Leave your mark in history.

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Dear my sweet university

I miss you so much. I really miss so much my teachers and friends.
Actually i didn't know how much i love you before the coronavirus outbreak.
I hope this situation ends quickly and i hope we can come back together again safely.


İts a pity that many Kokoreç restaurants have closed. What a sad situation taking into account that kokoreç improves the immune system.

Dear Humanity

As we know, we can deal with. (Hope so). Stay at home. How it can be hard? Countries’ strategies are not same, some cities lockdown, some is not. I want to visit all around the world after this situation. Time heals everything. Keep strong,stay safe, stay home. Love you

Dear leş yiyici çekikler

*****in çekikleri artık kıtlıkta değilsiniz doğru düzgün yiyin amk. Yıllardır bu yemekleriniz bilimsel makalelerde virüs deposu ve potansiyel salgın olarak eleştiriliyor akıllanmadınız mı lan! Sizin bok boğazınızın ceremesini devletler çekiyor sırf türkiyede 2 milyon yeni işsiz var ***** çocukları! Şu salgın bir bitsin tüm dünya devletleri bir ağzınıza sıçar inşallah. Kaçıncı bu ya yettiniz amk.

Hey Corona

I'm Emil from Azerbaijan. It is so hard to struggling against you. None gets out because of you. My school has been shut and my exam delayed for unknown date. I just wanted to leave off school and get to university. And I'm so "grateful" to you for disallowing my wish. I heard it happens every hundred years after, therefore I feel lucky too, I live in this unusual time. And there are many good things happen at the same bad things. I'm really thankful about this. Air pollution level dimished in cities amd ocean pollution diminished too, birds was back to their home, number of animals and fish increasing in ocean. So in society the police's, doctors' and teachers' reputation got up. You taught me lots of things as the cost of the time which I spent out with my friends, family...But it's enough for me, you overdoed, stop and give my previous life back

Dear Coronavirus

One day, I woke up to a world that is under the influence of you. I didn't expect you to be this serious. When you first showed up, you seemed so far away from my country, Turkiye. Then we welcomed you here as well. We were still unprepared for you. Before you even came to my country, I had already been laughing like crazy, but I was struggling to talk talk talk because it is my job. I am still doubtful that maybe we might have had an encounter but maybe I survived without knowing it was you which gave me high fever right after the new year and then coughs For 3 months... Anyway, I found myself at home, then found myself teaching online. I like the solitude. I like being far away from human beings which I am not happy around. So, I am not bored at all. On the contrary, I am serene and peaceful in my own world with my husband and dog. However, I am not a selfish *****, I am already worried about my country both economically, psychologically and sociologically thinking of all aspects of life. I have always been worried about my future. I have always been a skeptic person when I think about politics. But now because of you, Corona, I am lost.

Dear Satan

We're all gonna die!!!


Please express your feelings to the world about the dreadful new #coronavirus and the situation it is responsible for. Leave your mark in history.

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