Please express your feelings to the world about the dreadful new #coronavirus and the situation it is responsible for. Leave your mark in history.

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Dear World

It is time to provide a final solution to the chinese problem. America, Israel, Iran, India, Russia, Europe. All our countries must form a unified front against the chinks. We must nuke the chinks. We must utterly destroy the communist state of china. No chink should be left alive as revenge for the corona virus. If we work together we can do anything.

Dear World Citizens,

I know you are all being anxious, depressed and stuck. I know because I feel the same. I don't go out, and work from home. Even I live with my family, that means I am able to see and speak to someone, it is not enough to not to feel that way. Actually, there is a balcony in my home with the jails. I am able get some fresh air behind the jails. Basically, I totally feel like I am in jail. (Here is a song for you: Elvis Presley - Jailhouse Rock)
If you have to go out, please wear your mask. We must wear masks when we have to go into society, I don't want to hurt anyone. Remember, masks protect the others from yourself.
I don't blame anyone for anything. However, please don't eat bat or cockroach or other absurd things. I mean, why do people eat bat!? Come on! Anyway, please do not be tasteless.
After this pandemic is over, I will go out, eat burger and drink cold beer. Maybe I can also eat kebab and baklava. (See, all are just normal, delicious foods.) Oh God, there are so many foods I have missed from outside. Gladly, I am the type of person who eats a lot and not gain weight. I hope you can do the same.
I have never thought that I would write that long. So, time to say goodbye. That's all for me now. (My inner voice: Can we write again? I hope we can.) See you later. Take care yourself and your around. You are not alone. May the force be with you.

Dear çipetpet

cibili cibili şak şak şak

Dear Tülay

Tülay, ı beg come back homeeeee, come back homeeeee....
tulay, ı love you so much my honey bunny...

Dear world

we kashmiris are stucked inside our houses from last 9 months.(Since 5th august 2019).
Indian barbarism (killings,illegal detentions,unconstitutional amendments into our autonomy) in indian occupied kashmir has touched its peak that too during this pandemic.
we have no access to high speed internet. our children are suffering while schools are shut we can't have virtual classes.
while i am writting to you my net speed is 56kbps......
We are now made to these frequent shutdowns.

Dear humanity

I am a Dutchman who do live many months a year in Turkey . Now "trapped" in Turkey and in our house.
My feeling right now? "The collective has determined that I can no longer live to avoid dying?"

I realize that corona is a new and life threatening virus that we are dealing with. But I also have the feeling that we have entered a collective madness / fear spiral.
The media likes to participate and do tell the most terrible stories. The public on social media reinforce that. A picture of a couple on a completely deserted beach. The comment is, for example, “I have been locked up for weeks and then I see those idiots from my balcony, so I will soon be infected by them”. Or mention of tattle lines to report the persons who do something that is not right. I think that there is a risk that the consequential damages will be greater than the pandemic.

When I try to put a view things in perspective I get everyone over me. "82,000 infections in China that is 0.006% of the Chinese." And 4% of those died. In Europe, a figure of more than 58 patients is used for every thousand inhabitants before we speak of a flu wave. That is about 0.06% and around 3% of that number die as well. "800 killed in one day in Italy". An average number of deaths in a day in Italy is around 1750. Turkey is a young population and normally “only” 6 out of 1000 people die each year. That is very little, but still 1300 deaths every day. A fair percentage of the current corona deaths are in those "normal" numbers due to old age or underlying diseases.
I belong to the group defined as a risk group (69). I do run a half marathon in less than 2 hours. My minimum daily walk is about 6 KM with 400 meters in altitude in about 1 hour. Not a top performance, but much more than many residents around me. I have no diabetes, no high blood pressure and no obesity. My neighbor, who now does the shopping for me, has all that and cannot walk up our street that goes uphill. More than half of the IC patient is having overweight. Why should people, for example, over 90 KG not be "locked up"?

To maintain my immune system and condition, I have to do my described minimal walk every day. I did left our house in time, crossing one busy road via a pedestrian bridge. Then up the road and after that I meet more chickens and dogs than people. What is the reason why I am not allowed to do this and now I slowly lose my immune system and condition? I think keeping a distance is very important, but a stay home duty for the elderly and young people only?

I am also surprised that little is written about the positive effects. Satellite images show that the air in China is almost clean. In China alone, approximately 1.2 million people do die each year from respiratory infections caused by air pollution. Corona has claimed over 3,300 deaths in China.
800,000 deaths every year in Europe and 7 million worldwide from air pollution. Why is there no collective fear of that? The chances of your child dying from Corona are smaller than for dying prematurely from air pollution. Why isn't that a global discussion? One possible reason that so many people in northern Italy have died from Corona is air pollution as it is much less in the rest of Italy. (under investigation)
We have something like environment, there are signatures under an agreement in Paris. It has long been clear that the goals set for 2030 in that agreement will never be achieved. There is hardly any discussion among the general public about this either, but that too is a global threat to our continued existence. Also, no discussion that due to man's economic interests, it could be the cause of the outbreak of these types of viruses.

Fortunately, we forget quickly and will soon start everything up again and catch up. So that the stock markets rise again and we can continue “normally”.

Dear mensheid

Ik ben een Nederlander die veel maanden per jaar in Turkije leeft / woont. Nu dus “gevangen” in Turkije en in onze woning.
Mijn gevoel op dit moment? “Het collectief heeft, bepaalt dat ik niet meer mag leven om te voorkomen dat ik dood ga?”

Ik realiseer me dat corona een nieuw en levens bedreigend virus is waar we mee te maken hebben. Maar ik heb ook het gevoel dat we in een collectieve gekte / angst spiraal zijn terecht gekomen.
De media doen daar graag aan mee en vertellen de meest verschrikkelijke verhalen. Het publiek op sociale media versterken dat nog eens. Een foto van een stel op een volledig uitgestorven strand. Het commentaar is dan b.v “ik zit al weken opgesloten en dan zie vanaf mijn balkon die idioten, daardoor wordt ik straks besmet”. Of vermelding van klik-lijnen om te rapporteren als je iets ziet dat niet klopt. Ik heb het gevoel dat de gevolgschaden straks groter is dan de pandemie.

Als ik probeer het in perspectief te plaatsen krijg ik iedereen over mij heen. “82.000 besmettingen in China is 0.006% van de Chinezen”. En daarvan zijn er c.a 4% gestorven. In Europa wordt een getal van meer als 58 zieken op elke duizend bewoners gebrukt voor we van een griepgolf spreken. Dat is c.a 0.06% en ook daar sterven rond de 3% van. “800 doden op één dag in Italië”. Een gemiddeld aantal doden op een dag in Italië ligt rond de 1750. Turkije is een jonge bevolking en er sterven normaal “maar” 6 op de 1000 mensen elk jaar. Dat is erg weinig, maar altijd nog 1300 doden elke dag. Een behoorlijk percentage van de huidige corona doden zitten in die “normale” getallen vanwege ouderdom of onderliggende ziekten.
Ik behoor tot de groep die als risico groep is bepaald (69). Ik loop een halve marathon in minder dan 2 uur. Mijn minimale dagelijks wandeling is c.a 6 KM met 400 hoogte meters in c.a 1 uur. Geen top prestaties, maar veel meer dan menig inwoner om me heen. Ik heb geen suikerziekte, geen te hoge bloed druk en geen overgewicht. Mijn buurman, die nu boodschappen voor mij doet, heeft dat allemaal wel en kan onze straat die flink omhoog loopt, niet naar boven lopen. Meer dan de helft van de IC-patiënte heeft ruim overgewicht. Waarom moeten mensen van b.v boven de 90 KG dan niet “opgesloten worden”?

Om mijn afweersysteem en conditie op peil te houden moet ik elke dag mijn beschreven minimale wandeling doen. Ik verliet bijtijds ons huis, steek één drukke weg via een voetgangersbrug over. Daarna via de berm omhoog en dan kom ik meer kippen en honden, dan mensen tegen. Wat is dan de reden dat ik dat niet mag en daardoor langzaam mijn afweer en conditie verlies? Ik denk afstand houden zeer belangrijk is, maar een ophok plicht voor alleen ouderen en jongeren?

Het verbaast me ook dat er weinig over de positieve effecten geschreven wordt. Satelliet beelden laten zien dat de lucht in China bijna schoon is. Alleen in China gaan er elk jaar c.a 1,2 miljoen mensen dood door luchtweginfecties veroorzaakt door lucht verontreiniging. Corona heeft ruim 3300 doden geëist in China.
In Europa elk jaar 800.000 doden en wereldwijd 7 miljoen door luchtverontreiniging. Waarom is daar geen collectieve angst voor? De kans dat je kind sterft aan Corona is kleiner dan dat hij vroegtijdig sterft door luchtverontreiniging. Waarom is dat geen globale discussie? Een mogelijke reden dat er zoveel mensen in noord Italië zijn gestorven aan Corona is luchtverontreiniging daar die in de rest van Italië veel minder is. (wordt onderzocht)
Dan hebben we ook nog iets als milieu, er zijn in Parijs handtekeningen onder een overeenkomst gezet. Het is allang duidelijk dat de gestelde doelen voor 2030 nooit gehaald gaan worden. Ook daar is, bij het grote publiek nauwelijks discussie over, maar ook dat is een globale bedreiging van ons voort bestaan. Ook geen discussie dat door het toedoen van de mens met zijn economische belangen, het wel eens de oorzaak van de uitbraak van dit soort virussen zou kunnen zijn.

Gelukkig vergeten we snel en gaan we straks alles weer opstarten en de achterstand inhalen. Zodat de beurzen weer stijgen en we weer “normaal” verder kunnen.

Çin ve DSÖ

Tüm bunların sorumlusu Çin Hükumeti ve Dünya Sağlık Örgütüdür.

Ölen her bir insanı düşünün. Çektiği acıyı ve korkuyu düşünün. Yakınlarının sevdiklerinin çaresizliğini düşünün. Cenazesine bile kimsenin gidemediği sessizce gömülenleri düşünün. Hayatı zehir olanları düşünün. İşini kaybedenleri düşünün. Bunalıma girenleri düşünün. Eğitimi aksayanları düşünün. Sevdiklerinin yanına gidemeyen milyonlarca insanı düşünün. Eve kapanan 5 milyar insanı düşünün.

Sonra virüs tehlikeli değildir diye açıklama yapan Dünya Sağlık Örgütünü düşünün. Sonra Virüsün varlığını 2 ay boyunca saklayan Çin hükumetini düşünün. Virüs var diye insanları uyaran doktoru susturan, yalan yanlış sayılar veren, sınırlarını kapatmayıp hastalığı dünyaya yayan ve madem ben rezil oldum bütün dünya rezil olsun diyen bencil ve sorumsuz Çin Hükumetini düşünün. 2003 yılında SARS Virüsü de Hayvan Pazarından çıkmasına rağmen, üstelik bilimsel makaleler yazılıp uyarıldığı halde Hayvan Pazarlarını kapatmayan - Vahşi hayvan satışını yasaklamayan Çin Hükumetini düşünün. Dünyaya virüsü yaydıktan sonra sınırlarını kapatıp kendisini toparlayan Çin Hükumetini düşünün. Kendisi normale dönünce canıyla uğraşan ülkelere hatalı ve virüslü test kitleri satan, adi kalitesiz maskeler satan ve böylece bunu ticari fırsata çeviren Çin Hükumetini düşünün. Dünya ölümle boğuşurken kutlamalar yapan Çin'i düşünün. Düşünün. Düşünün. Düşünün.

Bunların hiçbirini unutmayın. Buna sebep olanları unutmayın. Buna sebep olanları hatırlayın. Buna sebep olan kişileri unutmayın.

Diyeceklerim bu kadar. Teşekkürler.

Dear Michiel

I know you are waiting these days to pass, I know you missed me. Please see flower buds at trees out of your window. Upper west side must be lovely in this time of year, I am sure it is. Stay home, stay safe. I promise we will get back together when this is over.

Dear Economy

I'd come to your funeral but im social distancing


Please express your feelings to the world about the dreadful new #coronavirus and the situation it is responsible for. Leave your mark in history.

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