Please express your feelings to the world about the dreadful new #coronavirus and the situation it is responsible for. Leave your mark in history.

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Dear world

i think we all gonna witness the fall of capitalism.

Dear r.t.e

Sokağa çıkma yasağı ilan edilmeliiii

Dear corona virus

however it is a a very expensive education and is costing a lot of lifes, patience, stress, economical crises and unemployment, let me thank you for giving us this "deserved" education. Yeah, it is an education and we had already deserved it years ago; when we forgot who we are, the real priorities of this life, the definite values of the world, the responsibilities of the social life because we had started to see us as the focus of this planet and we were ignoring all the other creatures of this planet but you showed us that a single micro organism like you, is able to destroy all our false values.
Now, we do understand the meaning of family, friends, freedom, health, enjoying the life
and now, we know that this should be actually the absolute goal because we can differentiate the real social life with the fake social media (hope so).

And I also want to thank you that through you, the nature is healing itself little bit, which should definitely stay as the gain of this tough education.

we learnt that we need to wear masks to protect other peoples life which taught us that being in society means that we are all depended to each other and we are WE only if we respect, understand, tolerate and save each other. We keep distance, we wash our hands, we do not throw any food anymore than we know we might not find them the next day, we do not waste our anymore for none sense stuff, because we know we might not have our jobs tomorrow.

you are a great master, the wisdom of wise.
You were right and gave us the education, we promise you to keep these earnings and we are thankful to you, but please be so kind and finish this education right now tight here and let us practice what we learnt, if we are bad students, you can come anytime to punish us harder...

Sevgili Virüs

Astım hastasıyım. Aynı zamanda anksiyete hastasıyım. Bir insanın kendi ölümünden daha çok korktuğu bir şey var ise o da sevdiklerinin ölümüdür. Ailem için, sevgilim için korkmaktayım. Ölmek veya ölüm görmek istemiyorum.
Git artık, bit artık.

Dear China

I heard you open wild animal bazaars again. ***** you mounts that are eating bats. You *****ed up all world..

Dear Covid-19

Thanks to you, I get to work in the comfort of my home. Thanks to you, I have the privilege of not shaking hands and social isolation I always dreamed of. Even though you are killing thousands of people, the order you have created upon this cursed land has been fascinating. Keep up the good work, don't visit me. Thanks in advance.

Sevgili Ekşi Sözlükten Gelenler,

Neden küfür yazıyor sunuz? Dünya'ya bırakacağınız daha güzel bir mesajınız yok mu?

Bu kadar mısınız?

Evet bu kadarsınız tabi ki


+I cant see my gf just because of you
+I am not able to spend time with the person i valued most
+You *****ed my propose plans
+You *****ed everything i love about life.
+Thanks to you i hate my country more.( I hate it anyway)

Ps: Love you so much Irmak S. We will have a nice future too. Just cant stop myself dreaming about it.


Please express your feelings to the world about the dreadful new #coronavirus and the situation it is responsible for. Leave your mark in history.

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