Please express your feelings to the world about the dreadful new #coronavirus and the situation it is responsible for. Leave your mark in history.

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Letters from United States :

Dear China,

You're the Black hole of the Earth.

Dear World

I am a man who lives in the woods but terrified to go outside because I have no masks in my cabin.
I cannot order it online, because my address is in the middle of the woods, near the creek that flows crystal clear. Therefore, I had to adopt a very basic way of living.

Now I'm hunting rabbits, collecting roots and other plants (I even found truffles by chance) and I drink water from that creek. My solar charger allows me to charge my phone to stay connected with the world, hope my brother never gives up paying my bills.

Long story short, I realized that I have no worries or concerns left haunting my soul. I don't think I will ever go back to the city even after this outbreak ends.

Listening to the birds is the most beautiful music and watching the light shine through the trees is the best TV show. I have no enemies and I don't think anyone can find me here.

I wish y'all survive this disaster and help the world recover from the wreckages caused by this virus.


Dear Survivors

It feels like I’m in the same nightmare everyday that I cant’t wake up. Even my life was very problematic, (at least that was my thought) I really appreciate each day of it because I’ve never felt so close such a danger like this. I just want this thing to stop. The worst thing for this situation is that we don’t know when is it going to end but I hope it won’t last forever

Dear China

I'm so mad at you for what you've done to our lives. We're all mad, you will pay. Discusting chink commie bug-men will pay.

Dear China


also frick china

Dear Chinese Government & People

This Virus is particularly interesting. The death toll is only 2% of the people it infects, and yet the world is acting as if it is another Antonine or Black plague. This was a very good distraction from your recent protests in Hong Kong.

Here's hoping that the Han's long practice of ethnic cleansing comes to an end. If Marx had never invented communism and Mao had never been inspired by it, maybe 60,000,000 of your people would not have starved to death giving rise to the consumption of most animals and even pets. General MacArthur was right back in 59. The United states should have blasted your asses to kingdom come when they had the chance. But now not only do you have nukes, you have the largest labor force in the world which you treat as slaves, while enticing Industry all over the world to use it for next to nothing. Your strategy was and is grand. But when there is no self, and only the state to work for, I guess its easier to not care about people.

In conclusion, I can't wait for you commies to come and kill me. I will certainly try to take some of you down with me. But the memories of hope, and of a glorious defeat, will be certainly hard to beat.

Dear Commie Scum

This is your fault. You had an illegal bioweapons research program which you negligently lost control of and changed the world forever. One day soon it will be proven without a doubt that you stupid commies engineered this deadly virus and to kill as many people as possible and then accidentally allowed it to escape into the wild. You will pay. We are not going to forget what you did.

Dear world

It is not Chinas' or any one nations fault. The intensity in which COVID-19 has rooted is a multiple faced issue, it is a multicultural, multi-continent, and blatant misinformation. The responses to this by most nations has been disgusting. Hundreds of thousands or more might die for a few key nations ineptitude, for greed, pride, or fear. I don't care, this has to stop. This has been brewing for decades. Facts, experts, and wisdom is being ignored in the hopes of making or saving wealth at the expense of common people, you and I. Every country's medical, trade, and social structures need help. Thus, this is currently taking a seemingly manageable disease like COVID-19, and turning it into something that has killed more people in 3 months than Ebola, SARS, and the Bird Flu killed in killed in years. It went around the globe and has infected the most isolated communities there are on Earth in months, while we knew it existed. The current way the human race is handling itself cannot be allowed to continue. The virus itself is not even the true problem. How we are facing it it, the handling by all parties involved and the lack of listening and divulging of information has made it spread and become uncontrollable in multiple areas. By not listening to science and common sense, many will die. We need to look at our future as a family and realize that what we are currently doing will not work. Now is the time, this is our stage, lets start here. This needs to be talked about by people, for people, to become people. Just talk and listen, trying to love the other person helps.


Please express your feelings to the world about the dreadful new #coronavirus and the situation it is responsible for. Leave your mark in history.

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