Please express your feelings to the world about the dreadful new #coronavirus and the situation it is responsible for. Leave your mark in history.

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Letters from Turkey :

Dear Racists

Bats, dogs and cats are mammals as are sheep, cows, horses and goats. Condemning those who eat one variety of mammal over another is racist.

Dear Racists

Coronavirus does not have a race, a creed or a nationality and it does not stop at borders. It does not carry a passport. It is not alive as we understand the term as it does not breathe, eat or reproduce. It is a fragment of DNA protein. To suggest that a non-living fragment has a nationality (some people claim it is 'Chinese') is absurd and displays an astonishing degree of ignorance.

Dear World

I feel sorry that people will feel lonely even if the process is over. We will become more individualized. I'm afraid the digital world will arrive fast :(

Karantina Günlükleri

İnsanlardan uzaklaşıp kendi kabuğuna çekildikten sonra, bir müddet kimseyle konuşmuyorsun. Sonra bir vakit kendi kendinle konuşmaya başlıyorsun. Deliriyor muyum yoksa diyorsun ama yok, hayır delirmiyorsun, iç sesinle konuşuyorsun. Onunla tartışıyorsun yeri geldiğinde ve yeri geldiğinde suçlu bir çocuk edasıyla sus pus olup işitmen gerekenleri işitiyorsun. Sonra iç sesinle de konuşmayı bırakıyorsun, sesini unutuyorsun ve nefesini ve yaşadığını ve odanı, duvarlarındaki gölgeleri, pencerendeki yıldızları ve ağaçların hışırtısını... Her şeyi unutuyorsun da, bir kendini unuttuğunu unutamıyorsun ve bu unutamama hâli seni insanlığından soğutuyor...

We technically deserve this

This is what happens when ya'll decide to place more value on people like lil pump, lil tay, and kim kardashian's left ass cheek as opposed to steven hawking, alexander dumas, and the rolling stones. Ever since the world started "staying home" (at least those who have half a brain cell are) Europe has experienced a 45% decline in carbon emissions, ocean acidity has gone down, and the environment has been recovering in our absence. Those who don't choose to stay home, please, by all means, stay outside and hug eachother as much as possible! I will enjoy watching natural selection take it's course, whilst the human gene pool gets simultaneously cleansed. Perhaps tiktok's popularity will decline once all you inbreds cough your way into extinction, and we won't have any more trash artists like lil xan on 6ix 9ine come in an ruin our lives. Your uneducated votes will not render educated people's votes void, and the world will be a better place without all of you. Thank you China, but once this is all over, can ya'll fckin cook your bats, pangolins, and monkey meat a little more on the well done side? Ya'll need to stop eating that shit medium rare or else your guna kill everybody along with the world's idiots...or...maybe just eat regular human food. That would work to.

Dear humanity

I am a Dutchman who do live many months a year in Turkey . Now "trapped" in Turkey and in our house.
My feeling right now? "The collective has determined that I can no longer live to avoid dying?"

I realize that corona is a new and life threatening virus that we are dealing with. But I also have the feeling that we have entered a collective madness / fear spiral.
The media likes to participate and do tell the most terrible stories. The public on social media reinforce that. A picture of a couple on a completely deserted beach. The comment is, for example, “I have been locked up for weeks and then I see those idiots from my balcony, so I will soon be infected by them”. Or mention of tattle lines to report the persons who do something that is not right. I think that there is a risk that the consequential damages will be greater than the pandemic.

When I try to put a view things in perspective I get everyone over me. "82,000 infections in China that is 0.006% of the Chinese." And 4% of those died. In Europe, a figure of more than 58 patients is used for every thousand inhabitants before we speak of a flu wave. That is about 0.06% and around 3% of that number die as well. "800 killed in one day in Italy". An average number of deaths in a day in Italy is around 1750. Turkey is a young population and normally “only” 6 out of 1000 people die each year. That is very little, but still 1300 deaths every day. A fair percentage of the current corona deaths are in those "normal" numbers due to old age or underlying diseases.
I belong to the group defined as a risk group (69). I do run a half marathon in less than 2 hours. My minimum daily walk is about 6 KM with 400 meters in altitude in about 1 hour. Not a top performance, but much more than many residents around me. I have no diabetes, no high blood pressure and no obesity. My neighbor, who now does the shopping for me, has all that and cannot walk up our street that goes uphill. More than half of the IC patient is having overweight. Why should people, for example, over 90 KG not be "locked up"?

To maintain my immune system and condition, I have to do my described minimal walk every day. I did left our house in time, crossing one busy road via a pedestrian bridge. Then up the road and after that I meet more chickens and dogs than people. What is the reason why I am not allowed to do this and now I slowly lose my immune system and condition? I think keeping a distance is very important, but a stay home duty for the elderly and young people only?

I am also surprised that little is written about the positive effects. Satellite images show that the air in China is almost clean. In China alone, approximately 1.2 million people do die each year from respiratory infections caused by air pollution. Corona has claimed over 3,300 deaths in China.
800,000 deaths every year in Europe and 7 million worldwide from air pollution. Why is there no collective fear of that? The chances of your child dying from Corona are smaller than for dying prematurely from air pollution. Why isn't that a global discussion? One possible reason that so many people in northern Italy have died from Corona is air pollution as it is much less in the rest of Italy. (under investigation)
We have something like environment, there are signatures under an agreement in Paris. It has long been clear that the goals set for 2030 in that agreement will never be achieved. There is hardly any discussion among the general public about this either, but that too is a global threat to our continued existence. Also, no discussion that due to man's economic interests, it could be the cause of the outbreak of these types of viruses.

Fortunately, we forget quickly and will soon start everything up again and catch up. So that the stock markets rise again and we can continue “normally”.

Dear people

I may not come out of 2020 alive. I don't feel strong enough to make out of this.

Dear can, can'ım

Seninle dünyamın arasına mesafe koydum, her sabah senden biraz daha uzak olduğum bir güne gözlerimi açıyorum. açmak zorundayım.
içinde olduğumuz, yaşamak zorunda kaldığımız günün içinde acı var.
belki kaybedilen canların acısı, belki hergün biraz daha uzaklaştığım can'ımın acısı...
saatler ilerledikçe acı kendini kaygıya bırakıyor,
yanına yaklaşan insanları, elinin dokunduğu her yeri hep kıskandım, ama bu defa farklı, çünkü kıskançlık da yerini kaygıya hatta korkuya bıraktı.
Seninle arama mesafe koydum, bu 1 metreyi geçeli çok oldu. Aramızda kilometreler var. Güçlü olasın, yenilmeyesin diye.
Seni kendimden uzaklaştırmak, bak en kötüsü bu.
Akşam oluyor sevgilim, gün bitmek üzere.
Bu defa bana özlem eşlik ediyor, hepsini bastırıyorum ama onu bir türlü dindiremiyorum.
tüm bu duyguların yerini umutsuzluğa kaptırmadım. hayat bu, olabilir. sen her şey güzel olacak umudusun. evet şimdi iyi olmayabilir, bir gün elbet iyi olacak umudusun. canımın içi, çok yorulabilir, çok acılar çekebilir, çok özleyebiliriz. olsun. dört duvar arasında, tüm bu duyguların yanında sevgim var. o dört duvar arasında seninle olmama az kaldı. içine dünyayı sığdırabileceğim dört duvarın içinde ne acı ne keder ne korku ne de kaygı olacak. 1 metreden daha az mesafede birlikte iyileşeceğiz sevgilim. her şey bittiğinde, seni özlemenin sancısını unutamam belki, ama her şey bittiğinde hatırlat, seni aramıza koyduğum her bir santim için ayrı öpücem.
Bir gün daha bitiyor sevgilim, hepsi geçecek.
ve ben seni çok seviyorum

Sevgili Türkler,

Nasıl böyle rahatsınız, nasıl tatildeymişisiniz gibi yapıyorsunuz? Anksiyeteyle nasıl başa çıkıyorsunuz? Neden ben yapamıyorum. Neden ben hayal kuramıyorum. Neden ben uyuyamıyorum. Neden ben iyi olamıyorum.

Bana söyleyin lütfen, bunu nasıl yapabiliyor sunuz?


Please express your feelings to the world about the dreadful new #coronavirus and the situation it is responsible for. Leave your mark in history.

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